We Call Them Life Skills

Passport to Success® (PTS) promotes the development of essential life skills, such as self-confidence, responsibility and problem solving, through face-to-face, online and blended learning training. Learn how our solutions prepare young people around the world for success in work, school and life.

Why Passport to Success®?

Over 250,000 young people are more confident, stronger team players and problem-solvers thanks to PTS life skills training.

Globally trusted

Hundreds of partners—including large and small business, nonprofits, and national school systems—have chosen PTS as their life skills training solution. 


We collaborate with our partners to adapt PTS to meet their needs, goals, and budget.

Learning for the real world

PTS aligns to the skills employers are looking for in new hires and helps young people stay and grow in their roles.


Our solutions offer interactive learning and meet young people where they are, whether it’s in a classroom, on a sports field, or using their cell phones.


PTS graduates are equipped to succeed not only at work but also at home and in school. After all, that’s why we call them life skills.

Evidence of Our Impact

Read the success stories; hear testimonials directly from young people, trainers, and employers; and consult our compelling original research.

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Passport to Success® Teaches In-Demand Life Skills

You might know the terms soft skills, social-emotional skills, essential skills, or noncognitive skills. We call them life skills because our approach stands apart: PTS training is about improving every day, whether it’s interacting with family and friends, learning at school, getting ready for the world of work, or growing in a career long-term.

Solutions We Provide

People are at the heart of business, education, and civil society, and you can trust PTS products to foster the skills they need to succeed.

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World-Class Life Skills Training Aligned to Your Needs

Whether you’re looking to upskill or reskill existing employees, build a life skills training into an existing nonprofit program, or prepare your students with work readiness skills, PTS promises solutions configured to your goals. We’ve successfully reached young people around the world with partners big and small.

Learn More About Our Products

Discover our full line of Passport to Success® products and services, and find out which of our proven solutions will help you reach your goals.

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16 Years of Trusted Life Skills Training Solutions

More and more people and reports are recognizing just how important life skills are for success. We’ve known their value for over 15 years, since creating PTS in 2004. Learn about how we’ve continually refined our approach and expanded to 100 lessons, 50 countries, and 20 languages.


Having worked with hundreds of partners, we know everyone’s needs are different. Read more in our FAQs.

Pricing & Business Model

IYF uses a fee-for-service model to offer PTS solutions tailored for our partners, big and small, local and international. One hundred percent goes back into powering IYF in its mission to connect young people with opportunities to transform their lives. Learn about our pricing and business model.

Ready to meet your goals with tailored life skills training?

Contact us for a consultation about a Passport to Success package aligned to your needs and backed by more than 15 years of experience.

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